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Canada / US / Central Europe


Hi, I'm Elysha

Communications Professional with 12+ Years of Experience.

I believe in the power of storytelling. I honed my skills as a journalist and producer before working in strategic communication, partnerships, and advocacy. In my work, I focus on inspiring audiences to take action — whether in their communities or on a global scale.

What I Do


Develop and execute effective communications strategies


Create compelling content that resonates with the audience

Build strong media relationships to increase brand visibility


Previous work


Select Experience



Partnership Communication Specialist (Global and Multi-Country Alliances)

UNICEF, Private Fundraising and Partnerships, Media and Marketing Section


Partnership communications with a focus on supply, transport and logistics partnerships.


Communication and Campaigns Consultant

UN Women, New York City

Led communications and campaigns for the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs), a division of UN Women. Worked with corporate partners to promote gender balance at the C-suite level. 


Digital Features Producer and Journalist

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Montreal, Canada

Led content diversification strategy  across divisions: radio, TV, web, social media. Covered news as a journalist for web, TV, social media and radio.


Communications Consultant

UN DESA, New York City

Communications lead for DESA's UN-Energy. Promoted work by consortium of actors in the in clean and sustainable energy space.

Some of My Favorite Projects

Hanger with Inventory

I get to work on partner communications specifically for the supply center at UNICEF that delivers life-saving nutrition, vaccines, and emergency supplies where they are needed most in the world. My colleagues are inspiring and the work is very meaningful. My goal is to maximize visibility for our transport and logistics partners to showcase their work, and to encourage other companies to join us. More supply partners = more safe, free, healthy children and families.


UN Womens's

WEP (Women's Empowerment Principles) Awards

With the WEPs team, I helped recognize companies that were focused on ensuring gender equality at the C-Suite level with these awards. We decided on how to evaluate the work being done within each nominated company, then calculated the scores and appointed winners in each category. By promoting both nominees and winners on our channels, we helped deliver added value to these companies for the important work being done internally. As the communications lead, my goal was not just to have the awards show appreciation to the companies already committed to gender equality, but use this moment to apply pressure to other companies to step up. 

Kids Winter Outfit

When there was an inquiry into the province's youth protection system, it was a good opportunity to humanize the situation as the people involved deserve to be at the core of coverage -- not just a "voice" in a larger piece. As an editor who hired freelancers for the CBC, I contacted a young woman who was known to work with the homeless and had herself grown up in youth protection. She agreed to write about her experience and it was eye-opening and heartfelt. 

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I was at an indie poetry reading in Montreal the night it was announced Cohen had died. The poets soldiered through their pieces, then everyone went to his house and joined a growing vigil. He meant the world to so many fans, so when I was handed the assignment of leading the national broadcaster's digital coverage of his legacy, I didn't think I could miss. I wrote a feature story about his legacy, took photos for the piece, and developed the page in a new (to me) CMS, Shorthand. It ended up being part of the station's submission package to the RTDNAs (journalism and media industry awards) and helped us win the National Award for Best Large Market Website.

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While working for UN DESA, I was on the team supporting communications around the SDGs. At the annual climate conference, COP,  my colleagues greeted speakers and organized attendees at the SDG Pavilion. They sent back text, photos and links. I photo-edited about a dozen pictures daily, copy edited content from delegations, drafted new text, formatted the daily newsletter and then hit send to get it to thousands of subscribers.

The motto for journalism is "afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted." For me, I preferred to do both over the phone as a print journalist rather than in-person for broadcast.  But when staffing was tight at the CBC and editorial leadership started looking at the web desk for potential on-air journalists, I ended up switching roles. It was an interesting opportunity and I appreciated working on video-based storytelling. If only Canada wasn't regularly -20C in winter I might have stayed outside, instead of going back to the cozy web desk to become a digital features producer.

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